Yoga Masterclass mit den Yogapunx




Die Yogapunx präsentieren im Februar eine

"Special Kundalini Yoga Class" mit der Gastdozentin

Mina Petersson aus Barcelona



"We focus on letting go of old patterns and limiting beliefs, opening up new spaces so that success and happiness can flow freely. The practice calms the mind and lift us up in a higher vibration, to experience gratefulness as we connect with our essence. And then, there is just one more step to take: To realize that there are no steps to follow, just the curious path of endless self discovery alone together. We are going to move together. We breathe together. We chant together. In the music, you can forget yourself for a while. And remember what is important in life."



Zeit: 18.30 - 20.30 Uhr

Beitrag: 18,-€ pro Person

Info und Anmeldung: